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With its low visibility olive tint, Umpqua's co-polymer nylon tippet material is an almost flawless marriage of great tensile strength, elasticity, suppleness, and abrasion-resistance. The result is a tippet material of superior WET KNOT STRENGTH that remains supple enough to allow a fly to really "swim". Matches perfectly with our Trout, Power Taper, and Bass/Panfish leaders.
8X - 02X 30yard spools
04X & 05X 20yard spools
06X 15yard spool
08X - 010X 10yard spools

Colors Sizes
8X 1.7LB
7X 2.5LB
6X 3.5LB
5X 5LB
4X 6LB
3X 8.5LB
2X 10.7LB
1X 13.5LB
0X 15LB
02X 16LB
04X 20LB
05X 25LB
06X 30LB
08X 35LB
010X 40LB