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Price: $19.99

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Green, Orange, Pink
Heavy 0x .013'', Medium 2x .011'', Micro 4x .007''

These Hi-Viz monofilament lines give anglers the opportunity to build European-Nymphing leader setups exactly to their liking with a multitude of color and thickness options.

Available in hot-pink, hot-orange, and hot-green, there is an option suited for any condition or personal preference.

Rather than relying solely on a brightly colored sighter for strike detection, you can now build a visual element into the butt of your leader ensuring no strike goes unnoticed, no matter the depth of water you might be fishing.

Additionally, each color is available in three thicknesses, Heavy-Duty, Medium, and Micro so you can match your color preference to your casting ability and water conditions rather than being limited only to micro leaders as is the case with most brightly colors monofilaments on the market today.

The Heavy-Duty is perfect for beginners or windy days, while the Micro is best suited to experts and light flies, and the Medium creates a nice balance between the two.

These lines will go through your guides well without curling after persistent use making them an ideal choice for the back end of your leader.



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