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In Michigan, Dennis has been using pearl tinsel on traditional fly bodies for close to a dozen years, yielding effective patterns such as flashy–bodied Elk Caddis, etc. But like many, his favorite time of year is the Trico hatch of summer. And preferring dry fly fishing to all else, he stays ‘top–water' with his spinners even though it is a hard hatch, tough to draw strikes amidst the raft of naturals. But, Dennis always asked, "What changes might make it easier?". After much trial and error, the Pearl Butt Trico Spinner was born several years ago. The pearl flash was chosen to be noticed by the trout (and he is convinced that this fly is frequently taken preferentially among a host of naturals); the Fluorescent Orange post is easily seen by the fisherman. A very visual fly, and one of great beauty.
• Spinner wings are z–lon
• Tails are Betts' tailing fibers
• The hook he feels is the final critical element, the TMC 2488. The only hook with a wide enough gape to hook — and hold — large fish yet short enough in the shank for a small body. (**Note: one thus gets a size 24 Trico by using a size 22 hook)

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