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"The Improved Zelon Midge imitates an emerging midge trapped in its shuck. It works its magic during a midge emergence whether or not there are many impaired or stillborn midges on the water.

Trout recognize these helpless-trapped emergers and feed eagerly on them. Even during a heavy emergence when big trout concentrate on drifting pupae this fly works better than a pupal fly pattern.

Riseforms are tough to see when fish are midging.

Most mistake the rises of fish taking midges for rises to caddis or mayflies. On most summer evenings trout will switch back and forth from caddis to midges to mayfly spinners and back to midges.

Closely observe and let the river tell you what the fish are taking. Usually you will find lots of midges, both emergers and adults, along with caddis and mayflies. Single out the larger fish and present an Improved Zelon Midge and hang on!"

- Signature Tyer Craig Mathews

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