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"Growing up and fishing on some of the most technical waters in the west, I was driven to find a midge pattern that was effective year-round and just a little different than anything else out there.

After some minor R&D close to 20 years ago, I landed on the Blindside midge.

Trout love the action stages of an insects life. Trout in particular are drawn to the emergence stage of these insects.

The Blindside is an excellent representation of the emergent stage of not only midges, but has been very effective during BWO hatches.

It can be fished in any nymphing method and is also a great dropper pattern for hopper/dropper rigs. This pattern has been a cult classic amongst Guides all over the world for the last 2 decades.

Its become one of my top nymph patterns that I fish year-round, no matter the location."

- Signature Tyer Jon Easdon


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