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Our notes are filled with reports of midging trout over the years. Let's face it, if you spend any time fishing trout rivers, lakes and streams you soon become addicted to midge fishing. Trout become so confident rising to midges and usually lock into a feeding rhythm which can drive an angler nuts if he/she does not have the right fly to fool the riser! Midges are subject to many emergence defects, and cripples and stillborns are common. Fish feed readily on such flies and successful anglers should carry imitations with trailing shucks and emerging wings. It is not unusual to encounter big trout keying on and sipping impaired adult midges struggling to get rid of their pupal shucks skittering along on the surface film. We developed our skittering midge with this in mind after observing so many big trout keying on these skittering–crippled adult midges. The BRF Skittering Midge is fished dry and can be easily seen so it is much easier and effective to fish than a pupal pattern. Fully emerged adults are not fed on by trout as frequently as the skittering–impaired adults are, those with trailing shucks and hackle to imitate the skittering–caught in the shuck– look…the Blue Ribbon Skittering Midge is a pattern you will fish with confidence, and one the trout will take with confidence too!

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