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Crawfish Orange
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"Most modern crayfish patterns focus primarily on a single attribute: Realism.

While indeed a valuable component, I find that many realistic flies catch more anglers than fish.

The Rio Bandito is a combination of the three important elements that I believe are essential for an effective crayfish imitation:  Movement, Profile, and Composition. 

As far as movement is concerned, this diminutive crayfish pattern has plenty of motion thanks to the use of Australian Possum and rubber legs.

However, even at rest, it maintains the profile of a juvenile crayfish, and the fly has been eaten countless times while sitting perfectly still!

The Rio Bandito is composed of literally two materials, a hook, and a tungsten bead. The pattern is a snap to tie and because of this, I take risks with it that I likely would not with a fly that requires a larger time investment at the tying bench.

The Rio Bandito has caught bass, sunfish, carp, cichlids, and more than its fair share of trout. 

I am sure that if you give it a try, it will become a staple in your fly box as it has in mine!"

- Signature Tyer Chris Johnson

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