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Colorado, Montana,
Black, Brown, Gold
10, 12, 14, 16

Riot Stone 

"Rubber. Biot. Riot. The Riot Stone is a delightfully fun fly to tie and fish. Its triggers are covered. Its profile, dialed. And its fish catching abilities are on point. It catches a ton of fish! And not just dimwitted truck-trout. The Riot Stone fools the wild wily fish in the Truckee River. If wild Truckee Trout accept them, that should give lots of confidence elsewhere. The Riot Stone is simple and effective. Its tungsten bead drops it into trout world quickly. And it comes in all the right sizes and colors for anglers who concern themselves with stonefly nymphs. The Riot Stone works great as a heavy anchor fly in its bigger sizes #10,12. It also performs as a dropper fly in its smaller statures #14,16. Covering the gamut of imitating large Golden Stoneflies, medium sized Skwalas, and the smaller Yellow Sallies. This fly is put together well. Bang it against a few rocks. Catch several fish with it. Durability is its middle name! The one thing we do not want to do is keep this fly Quiet." - Signature Tyer Arlo Townsend 

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