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BWO-Baetis, Midge,
20, 22, 24

When this fly was written–up in the winter of 2003 in "Fly Fisherman", not everyone was happy with the publicity. There were several guides on a few famous tail waters who considered the Morgan's Midge their closely guarded secret. When the hatch was on and the fishing was super tough, this is the fly they had their clients tie on. Some still consider it the "best dry midge ever fished". It all started over ten years ago, in Utah, as Eric and Craig were nose to the water, calling out, "Hey, just look at all those shucks glistening." Many permutations later this fly became a secret weapon over selectively midging trout when they keyed in on the emerging/transitional stage…the very time midges are most vulnerable. The krystal flash butt glistens just like the real shuck. The final step to perfection was the use of CDC for the wing; beyond the gentle floatation with this feather, CDC, when all fluffed out, was surprisingly visible in even the most diminutive sizes. The secret is out of the bag. This fly will benefit fishermen everywhere midges appear, especially every time the midging gets tough.

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