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Hexagenia, BWO-Baetis, PMD,
Colorado, Montana, Patagonia,
Green Drake, Hexagenia, March Brown, Pmd, Bwo, Light Cahill, Isonychia
10, 12, 06, 08, 14, 18, 16, 20

"There are patterns in every fly tier’s arsenal that hold a special place in their heart and fly box. The Mimic May is one of those patterns for me. 

The Mimic May was the first pattern in my Mimic series of flies and has captured the attention of many discerning fish and fly anglers alike.

After looking through every major fly catalog for a pattern that would replicate several of our local mayflies, I concluded that I would have to create a pattern that would fill the gaping holes in my dry fly box.

Just like most fly anglers, I had tied, bought, and fished countless other mayfly patterns. 

All had their merits, but none were exactly what I was searching for.

I wanted to use exclusively natural materials to construct a mayfly that I could skitter and skate but when paused would float like a cork in rough water.

With this in mind, I hit the vise and the Mimic May was born. 

The deer hair body floats high, doesn’t absorb excessive amounts of water, and looks much more natural than foam! 

The stripped hackle fibers that form the tail are extremely durable and hold up even after extended use. 

The spun CDC thorax is the heart of this fly and by blending colors, I was able to create an excellent match for some of the most popular mayfly species. CDC also accepts powder floatant well and allows the fly to stay high and dry and support a dropper with ease. 

The Mimic May has proved to be invaluable to me as an angler over the years, and the fly has been responsible for more “day-maker” fish than I can count!"

- Signature Tyer Chris Johnson

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