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BWO-Baetis, PMD,
Baetis, Pmd
16, 18, 20

Dave Sloan is a guide so he doesn't just design pretty, he wants results. Fortunately the two themes — art and practicality — are not mutually exclusive. The Mighty May series of mayfly nymphs are both pretty and deadly. The Baetis was his first finished fly design about four years ago. Once its efficacy was known, the other three imitations sprang from his vise in concert with the arrival of the next seasonal hatch. The Mighty May series is the result of nose to the water observation, followed by much trial and error at the vise. The choice of materials, the hook styles and the resulting fly shape and coloration became a delicious marriage of beauty, realism and impressionism. Please look these over closely, we are confident you will like them. – Abdomen has a realistic slim profile that incorporates flash with just the right body color. – Dark and highly pronounced — sort of exploding — wing pads emulate that exact moment of emergence from nymph to adult. – The ubiquitous brass bead for weight.

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