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Dragon and Damsel, Scuds and Shrimp,
Stillwater, Trout,
Black, Brown, Olive
14, 16

"Leeches are an important part of a trout's diet, especially in high water conditions. Similar to worms, leeches are swept off the rivers edge and bottom supplying an easy non–escaping food supply for the fish. While some leeches are large in size, exceeding one inch, there are just as many that are less than an inch long making the common two inch leech patterns un–productive in many circumstances. I designed the Mayer's Mini Leech to match the small freshwater leeches that trout feed on in freestone rivers, tail waters, and still waters. With the micro pine squirrel attached only near the eye of the Tiemco 2488 #14,16 hook, the extending material will constantly move in addition to the ostrich herl collar and a krystal flash body secured with 8/0 UNI thread for a little shine as it drifts and wiggles." ~Umpqua Signature Tyer Landon Mayer

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