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Trout, Stillwater,
Black/orange, Black/purple, Olive, Rust, White/pink
12, 14, 16

​"My first jig hook design for Umpqua Feather Merchants, the Mayer's Jigged Mini Leech Radiant is my newest signature fly pattern. It's derived from the original Mini Leech, my most popular design, with a jig hook and weighted bead for coaxing prize trout near the bottom of the river to come take a bite. Leeches are known for their sensitivity to light, and prefer to hang out near the bottoms of streams, lakes and rivers where vegetation and rocks provide shelter. The Jigged Mini Leech Radiant is designed to produce in these exact conditions.
Jig hooks feature a natural horizontal orientation in the water. This allows you to better mimic the movement of smaller leeches which are a popular food source for trout year-round. The pattern responds well to vertical movements, undulating and seeming to swim through the water just like the real thing. As it drifts, the hook naturally stands point up, so you're less likely to snag the riverbed. The sharp, barbless hook sinks in deep and provides more leverage so you keep more fighters on the line.
Perhaps best of all, I think these are my most attractive patterns ever! A radiant bead helps the pattern to sink quickly to the depth where its most effective and provides attention-grabbing shimmer. The Mayer's Jigged Mini Leech Radiant is available in a variety of attractive and eye-catching color combinations including purple/black, orange/black, pink/white, rust and olive. Available in sizes 12, 14 & 16."
​- Signature Tyer Landon Mayer 

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