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Black, Olive
14, 16

"Leeches are the ultimate attractor in any trouts diet! The only way to take that to the next level is by adding something to the mix that will, in addition to getting the trouts attention, trigger the fish to strike.

So what is as productive to fish as a leech? Without hesitation, the first thing that comes to mind is an egg. Both are non-escaping meals and in many instances a leech naturally attaches to an egg making this combination the ultimate attention seeker, Mayer’s Hot Head Mini Leech.

Taking the same great formula of the Mini Leech with a Krystal Flash Body, Micro Pine Squirrel Wing that comes to life when wet, and an Ostrich Herl Collar that holds its form under water, it is all on display behind a 3/32 pink/orange Hot Head Bead.

By simply adding the hot bead to the olive and black Mayer’s Mini Leeches you know you have the ultimate searching fly for Spring and Fall runs of fish, making this a year round fly!"

- Signature Tyer Landon Mayer


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