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Olive, Tan
14, 16, 18

Looks can be so very deceiving. So please look again. Better yet, fish this fly. It is, as several already know, one of the most deadly caddis pupae EVER. John Barr has never been entirely happy with the caddis pupae available, feeling most of them were "too big, too bulky, busy and too puffed–up". It was on the Bighorn that John fully realized just how much smaller real caddis emergers looked than the patterns in his box. The resulting Graphic Caddis has proven itself on the same Bighorn, the Missouri, the Madison and all throughout Colorado. John Barr – and several other fishermen – have hooked their largest browns and largest rainbows of the season on this very same new fly. Being tied on the TMC 2488H, the Graphic Caddis has all the holding power needed for the trout of a lifetime. It may look simple, but this pattern is MONEY. Not to dwell on the material "triggers" in this fly — micro tubing over Holographic Flashabou – let's just say this fly has been proven everywhere it's been fished. If caddis pupa are hatching, this fly is sheer candy to the fish. It can be fished deep with a Copper John or just under the film, soft hackle style. When upstream of working trout, just swing this fly into their window. Then smile.

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