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Green, October, Tan
16, 18, 20, 10, 12

"The Twisted Caddis was my second addition to my Twisted Series of patterns. The main goal of this series is to create realistic, yet durable flies that will hold up to high fish numbers and getting beat on the rock bottom.

This one took a while to dial in and went through a lot of different variations and a lot of testing before settling on the final product.

This pattern is tied on a Tiemco 200R, which gives the fly that great shape and holds a fish well. It’s weighted with lead wire and a brass bead so that it will get down in the water column.

Like all of the Twisted Series, it is extremely durable; mainly from the abdomen being made from twisted spanflex. This is an extremely durable material that also has a little transparency and segmentation to it for that realistic look.

The thorax and collar are made from CDC. This gives the fly a buggy look with a lot of movement. I also added a pair of small, rubber antennae for a little extra movement and realism."

- Signature Tyer Josh Smitherman

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