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Golden, Salmon Fly, Skwala
08, 04, 06, 10

It started with the Skwala. Once Mike started playing with foam bodies, it was a Skwala that became the initial goal. Tie, cast and float…re–tie; more changes…cast and float…a few more alterations, then fish it. Voila. We and Mike liked the pattern so well that a collaboration began on the Salmon and the Golden. All three finished patterns display several unified concepts: – Flush in the film: these are intended to ride low to the water. The wing is tied for a wider spray of hair, fibers contacting the surface. Stone adults do not always sit perky in the water. Frequently the wings are splayed–out over the body, sometimes falling to one side, but in contact with the meniscus. – Oversized hook: this weight further ensures fly will ride IN the film. – Rubberlegs: shorter and stubbier, for motion, but also possible sub–surface motion. – Hi–Vis wing: if the fly rides low ya gotta be able to track it. Plus the macramé yarn adds additional buoyancy. These three stoneflies represent further examples of Mike Mercer at his best…problem solving to design new patterns.

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