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"Fishing Caddis dry flies has always been a passion of mine, I look forward to the opportunity to present one of my patterns to a raising trout.

Colorado rivers and lakes afford the dry fly fisherman a plethora of waters that are abound with a vast variety of Caddis species; almost all waters in our state have caddis as part of their eco system.

I designed my Egg Laying Caddis pattern to mimic the process of regenerating the species through returning to the waters surface or diving under the surface to complete the laying of its eggs.

I love designing patterns with the use of deer hair as the wing component due to its floatation, movement and ease of seeing on the water’s surface.

I like to use Antron yarns for creating the look of the egg sack of the female caddis. I decided to incorporate the long fiber (Inner Vane) of the flight wing opposite the leading edge creating the biot; I like the length of the barb and tie in so that when wrapping the vane forward the ridge is exposed.

Deer hair mixed with dubbing for the thorax; the deer hair gives the appearance of leg. I like to use Muledeer deer hair for the wing.

I fish this pattern along with a variety of caddis patterns that I like to fish generally using an upstream approach presenting the caddis near the bank and working towards the seam, I will fish the pattern using other traditional presentation techniques and I have found success fishing this pattern downstream and at the end of the drift tugging the line to force the fly to submerge, mimicking a diving caddis."

- Signature Tyer Rick Takahashi

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