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We're both excited and proud to announce the addition of another highly regarded, extremely talented and experienced fly designer, tyer and guide to our Signature Fly Designer Royalty Team — Andrew Grillos. An avid fly fisherman for 20+ years, a fly tyer for over 15, and full-time guide since 2001, Andrew is known for numerous innovative patterns including the El Camino, the Bob Gnarly Mouse, the Fat Caddis and the Heavy Metal Worm.

“I'm very psyched to be a part of the largest family of fly tyers in the industry. I take pride in my fly tying and I do my best to tie flies that are unique, purpose-driven, fishing-focused flies. I'm glad to be a part of a brand that will continue to cultivate and share my fly ideas with the world. The consistency and quality of flies that Umpqua produces is second to none and I'm proud to see my name among the ranks of fly fishing and fly tying's elite."
—Andrew Grillos

Andrew grew up in Colorado and has fished nearly every river in the state. He began tying flies as a teen, and within a year or two was tying flies commercially. Andrew's progression into guiding was an easy next step while attending Western State College of Colorado. After graduating, he was able to pursue guiding and fishing around the world — working for some of the industry’s top outfitters in Colorado, Alaska, Argentina, Chile, and New Zealand. He is now a Western Washington based guide for the Avid Angler in Lake Forest Park, WA, and spends the majority of his time pursuing steelhead in some of the state’s top fishing destinations.

Andrew has been a member of the Simms Guide Ambassador program since its inception in 2008, and he is a member of the Scott Fly Rods pro-staff, a member of the Kingpin Reels pro-staff, an ambassador for Greenfish Movement, and member of the Flymen Fishing Company guide/pro team. His personal Web site is http://www.andrewgrillos.com/

“Andrew Grillos represents exactly what we are looking for in our Signature Designers — talent, creativity, experience, conscience, and an untamed passion for fly-fishing. We are honored and fortunate to have Andrew join our team.”
—Jeff Fryhover, President & CEO, Umpqua Feather Merchants