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Steelhead, Trout,
Pacific Northwest, Pacific Northwest, Skeena Valley,
Black/copper, Blue/green, Fuschia/red, Silver/gold

"I would have to say the Mr Sparkle came about by experimenting with stripped down prom dress style flies that cast like a small, light fly, I opt for steelhead flies hat incorporate what I call "the illusion of bulk", flies that  fish big and cast small. I like how smaller, sparser flies will drop faster in the water column.

I think steelhead and trout are curious and will chase down and bite a flashy fly pattern that stands out, flashes, or sparkles in the water. I fish this pattern with confidence in stained or cold,clear water. This fly has proven itself on dozens of BC, Washington, OR & Idaho steelhead and countless more Montana trout as the 50/50 silver gold combo is my go-to trout spey fly here in SW Montana.

This flashy,sparkly fly gets its name from a classic episode of The Simpsons where homer's likeness had been used for a Japanese cleaning product."


- Signature Tyer Andrew Grillos

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