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Product Specs

Eggs and Worms,
Pink, Red, Purple, Tan
16 - 2.5mm, 16 - 3.0mm

"The Twisted Worm is a pattern that I created several years ago and stuffed into a box. I ended up forgetting about this pattern for well over a year before rediscovering it.

After finally fishing the prototype pattern and having some great success, I went back to the vise to make a few final tweaks.

I created this fly to be a Euro style worm pattern.

It’s smaller than the average worm imitation that is seen so much and it drops quickly in the water. It’s also a lot more durable than most patterns available being that it’s made of spanflex.

The UV resin on the bottom serves two purposes; it fills the slot in the tungsten bead so that it drops quicker and it also covers the main contact point so that the bead won’t lose its color after bouncing along the rocks."

- Signature Tyer Josh Smitherman

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