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Black/red, Black/silver, Red/copper
12, 14, 16

"The Titan is the giant of the Tube Midge family meant to represent the Chironimids, one of the most important food supplies in any still water. The difference in comparison to the smaller Tube Midge, in addition to sizes ranging from #12/14/16 on a Tiemco 2302 hooks, is the two color wraps of small wire inserted into clear Micro Tubing and three wraps of two wires colors at the bend of the hook to secure. This allows the it to appear like it is in a clear case while the body of the fly possess a slim profile. Unlike others on the market the white in this tie is not the bead, it is in the white ostrich wrapped three times around the thorax and secured by white 8/0 uni thread with a single wrap of tinsel behind for a hint of flash. This allows the imitation to breath like the gills on a natural while attracting cruising giants to the fly. Lastly, the bead in still water meals are larger than their river counterparts and, like the trout that eat them, are also on the move. When I set up a rig I always keep that bit of information in mind. One of my favorite ways to maximize movement to a fly is using a non–slip mono loop knot. This will imitate natural movement and encourage the fish to react and strike if they see it moving while they are on the prowl. I addition to movement I believe in removing anything unnatural from my rig to prevent making the target wary. This is why the tungsten bead works well, because it is a lot of weight in a small package. Lastly, a big question I receive during still water trips is if I prefer two or three fly rig and the answer is yes to both. In shallow water I will typically use two flies to prevent snags and have a better chance of landing trout that go into the weeds. In deep water I prefer to cover more water columns with three flies to see what depth the trout are feeding at." ~Umpqua Signature Tyer Landon Mayer

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