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Ants Beetles Hoppers,
Colorado, Henry's Fork, Montana,
Black, Pink, Purple, Tan, Yellow
10, 12, 14

"I came up with the Thunder Thigh pattern in the winter of 2008.

After guiding over 100 days in the Paradise Valley area in Montana, the fishing in the month of September was difficult to say the least. 

Though usually good hopper fishing, the Yellowstone River was flowing fairly low, and very clear. The fish would come up and look at hoppers, but they wouldn’t commit. 

There was not a hopper around that they would eat.  So I set out to design the most realistic-looking hopper that would keep me from having the slow fishing that I had in the fall of 2008.

The Thunder Thigh hopper has the best features of any hopper out there, mainly foam and  rubber.

Foam for durability and float ability, and rubber for life-like movement.

What sets the Thunder Thighs apart from other hoppers are the realistic foam/rubber legs. The Thunder Thigh has the most realistic silhouette of any hopper tied.

There are other patterns with foam or molded legs, but I found the legs on those patterns to be too rigid... no movement on the water.

The Thunder Thigh legs look realistic, but more importantly, they move realistically in the water."

- Signature Tyer Eric Paramore

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