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Ants Beetles Hoppers,
Yellow, Tan
12, 14, 16

“The Pint Hopper is the little brother of the Masshopper.

Since the Pint Hopper isn’t a massive hopper pattern, I felt that it needed a similar but different name.

This fly was intended for smaller water/fish where a huge hopper plopping into the water just wouldn’t be successful.

Although this is tied the same way as the Masshopper, there are two very key changes in the material. This starts with the foundation of the fly. I changed the hook from a TMC5262 to a shorter shank in the Stubby T hook. This is the perfect hook to tie this fly to because it allows for a smaller body while still maintaining plenty of hook gap in those really small sizes.

The other key change in material was in the abdomen where I switched to a .5mm razor foam instead of 2mm foam. This keeps the abdomen small while still getting plenty of wraps to make the segmentation. Using a paper thin piece of foam like that is the only possible way to tie this fly down so small.”

-       Signature Tyer Josh Smitherman

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