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Lime, Tangerine
14, 16

"I developed the SweetMeat Caddis to be a durable pattern that sinks fast, has enough color pop and great movement from the CDC.

Originally this fly was designed to be fished around caddis hatches, but it has grown into a fantastic “attractor” point fly to fish throughout the summer months as well.

The turning point for this fly was when, after playing with many variations, I tied some up with two rarely used wire colors. The pattern and construction was already very effective and these two colors were a bit different and had a great caddis feel to them.

I still remember the first day I fished the “Lime” color variant and knew that this combination of colors and materials had just come together into something special - the tastiest of trout snacks. Thus the name, SweetMeat being an archaic term for “an item of confectionery or sweet food”."

- Signature Tyer Garrison Doctor

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