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Black, Tan, Miller, Olive
18, 16

"The Pint Caddis was created to solve a few problems I was having on the water.

The first was that I needed a caddis pattern that would float better than the traditional pattern. Secondly, I wanted a pattern that would have a little movement in the water without sacrificing its buoyancy.

The thinly spiraled, extended foam body gives a great segmented abdomen that floats extremely well. The spun CDC thorax not only aids in giving this pattern an abnormal amount of buoyancy, but also solves the movement problem.

An issue that often occurs with rounded foam bodied flies is that they tend to roll a little. I fixed that problem by splitting the elk hair wing to each side of this pattern.

The split wing acts as stabilizers on both sides of the body allowing it to float correctly on every drift."

- Signature Tyer Josh Smitherman

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