Jul 7th 2021

Best Presentation: Dry Dropper


The summer months of fly fishing call for long days on the water presenting flies to eager trout. Perhaps the most attractive way to fish to these trout during this time is on the surface with dry flies.

To be effective as possible the trusted "Dry Dropper" rig is a sure way to catch fish feeding below and on the water's surface.

Tying on a dry fly with one or two weighted nymphs below (check your local regulations on how many flies you can fish at once) allows the angler to cover more water and present flies to fish feeding in various areas of the water column.

There are many different ways and techniques to fish a Dry Dropper. Here is what we find to be the best leader and tippet combo for the best presentation for your flies.


A good starting point is a brand new Perform X Leader. With a Dry Dropper setup your nylon leader can be on the shorter and heavier size.

Our preference is a 7.5’ 2x -3x Perform X Power Taper Trout Leader. The longer thicker taper on the Power Taper is perfect for turning over your big Chubby, or terrestrial Pattern.


Once you have your leader, and appropriate sized dry fly (you can find fly recommendation sizes on each of our x rated leader and tippet products) tied on your line you can move over to your tippet used for the weighted dropper or droppers.

If you are fishing 2x nylon, use 3x Phantom X Ultra Fluorocarbon for the dropper. If 3x nylon go to 4x fluoro and so on.

Phantom X is ideal for all dropper rigs, as its strength and invisibility under water will get your nymph where it needs to be.

Depending on the depth of the water you are fishing tying 16-20 inches of material is a great length to tie to the bend of your dry fly. To get deep play around with the weight of your nymphs.

Tungsten beaded nymphs are always ideal, but you always want to make sure that your dry fly can withstand the weight giving you the ultimate drag free presentation.

Use these steps to piece together the perfect Dry Dropper presentation. Just remember the whole reason we use this rig is the opportunity of catching a fish, both on top, and below the water column.

How to build a Dry Dropper rig for Caddis fishing