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04, 06

Harry Murray has written more about fly–fishing for smallmouth bass than anyone, so when he tells us we absolutely have to add colors and a size to his popper, we listen. This fly series, and the CHUGGERS below, have evolved over fifteen years of testing on Virginia waters, with the precursors first featured in 1989 in Harry's classic, "Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass". The two styles have several features in common: – Just the right amount of hook gape but without using a long shank. While largemouth may inhale an entire surface fly, smallmouth tend to attack the head. Longer shanks result in missed hook sets. – Great colors and lots of rubber–leg motion The POPPERS: flat faced…up–slopping…longer body bug. This is the all–rounder, and fishes especially well when a more gentle action and subdued surface disturbance is desired…pop it and let it drift. The Popper is the go–to bug for all fishing situations.

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