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Most weather-proof packs on the market consist of one or two welded compartments with very limited functionality. They are frustrating to get in-and-out of and offer very little ease of access to the items you need and use most often. The need to compromise is over.

Our “Tongass” packs are highly functional hybrids of water-proof fabric and design made up of combinations of extremely water-resistant roll-top closures and weather-proof zippers. This combination allows you to control the risk of exposure with the appropriate ease of access. For example, in our new waist pack, your camera can be stowed in the main, roll-top compartment, fly boxes & accessories in weather-proof zippered compartment, and hemostats, nippers & tippet are readily available on the outside face “work station”.

• All of our Tongass packs and bags are welded 420D polyurethane-coated nylon
• Internal TPU (thermo polyurethane) coating makes fabric waterproof.
• External PU (polyurethane) coating seals and protects the exterior from the elements.
• 420D nylon is lighter, more durable & more flexible at extremely low temperatures.
• Nylon has a much lower coefficient of friction than vinyl, making it easier to slide into tight places.
• PVC Free, eco-friendlier fabrics & coatings minimize environmental impact.

You will see the following terms associated each Tongass pack or bag. The definition of each term is shown below to help you choose the appropriate pack:

Resistant to rain and light splashing.

Withstands short submersion/dunking and floats when dropped in water. All of our Tongass packs have at least one compartment with this designation.

With any water-resistant pack, the level of performance will vary depending on how carefully/properly the user has sealed the closure.


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