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It all began a few years ago when some of us were talking about how we just couldn't find a fishing pack that fulfilled all of our needs. We realized that the pack and bag sector of our industry was stagnant and was lagging far behind the advancements of other outdoor product companies. Our peers in the backpacking, hunting, climbing and skiing markets
seemed to making huge leaps and bounds in the area of packs and bags while fishing seemed to be snagged.

What did we do about it? Well, we wanted to make sure that if we were going to go down this road that we would do it right… from the riverbed up. We would not simply make better versions of what was already on the market. We did not want to build a product line around a specific technology or material. We would design products that would address the needs of the modern angler with a fresh, innovative approach … with the goal that they would meet — and exceed — the expectations of fly fishermen around the globe.

A critical point in the whole process was the realization that, despite our long and storied history of product development, getting input from outside our walls and our industry would be paramount to our success. While we could identify the challenges and needs on our own, we sought the insights of numerous angling experts to ensure a thorough exploratory and discovery process. But we also foresaw issues in addressing these challenges from within. To ensure a fresh, innovative approach to these opportunites, we collaborated with the outdoor industry's elite designers and premiere manufacturers to design, develop and deliver what we believe is the best line of packs and bags available to anglers today.

Innovative features, creative solutions and superior craftmanship are common traits throughout all of these products. Don't believe it coming from us? Take a look at some the following industry accolades that Umpqua Packs, Bags and Vests have earned—

Field & Stream 2013 Best of the Best Ledges 500 Waist-Pack
American Angler 2014 Gear of the Year Award Swiftwater Tech Vest
Gray's Sporting Journal 2014 Gray's Best Deadline 3500 Wet/Dry Duffel
Fish Alaska 2014 Editors' Choice Award Ledges 650 Waist-Pack

The success of Umpqua packs and bags has only fueled our fire to deliver more innovative solutions in this area. This year, we are introducing several new and exciting products, including the Steamboat Sling Pack, the Rock Creek Small Chest Pack, and the much talked-about Tailgater Organizer. We are also bringing on the new Tongass waterproof line of packs and bags, which includes the Tongass 650 Waterproof Waist Pack, the Tongass 1800 Waterproof Backpack, the Tongass 5500 Waterproof Gear Bag and four sizes of the Tongass Waterproof Dry Bags.

Moving forward, we foresee other game-changing gear coming from within our four walls here in Louisville — all springing from the same deep well of inspiration, innovation and collaboration that drove us to bring you this incredible line of angling packs and bags.

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