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Zero Sweep™ Design was inspired by an unlikely meeting with a fly-fisherman and fan of our Overlook 500 Chest Pack.

This fisherman — a former Special Operations veteran and President of Discover Courage — was convinced that our Overlook 500 pack had been designed by someone with a background in military pack design. The truth was that the pack was designed by a collaboration between Umpqua’s fishing staff and technical outdoor pack designers. After much conversation and debate we realized that fly-fishermen and high-level miltary operators have very similar needs in a pack. The primary difference being that bad design in a fly-fishing pack is an inconvenience whereas bad design in a military pack can be the difference between life and death. But, as the saying goes, “Fishing isn’t a matter of life and death…it is much more important than that!”

So, what is Zero Sweep™?

The end result is more quality time on the water and less time untangling line caught on buckles, nippers, hemostat, retractors, fly patches and all of the other crazy stuff fly-fishermen tend to dangle off of their packs. And, less time fumbling to find the tools that we use the most…nippers and hemostats. We have done this by creating a unique system of ports and attachment points for our go-to tools that are snag-free yet still at our fingertips. Retractors are attached inside on high-wear hypalon tabs and threaded out of ports where tools are stationed snag-free. We even designed our own buckle because nothing on the market could provide the function we needed without being a snag-hazard.

Most of us spend enough time dealing with flies caught in branches and on the river bottom, we don’t need to spend any more time untangling line from our own snag-cluttered packs. Enjoy the bomb-proof design and extreme comfort that Umpqua packs have always brought, now with Zero Sweep™.

Zero Sweep™ … the details:

• Internal, die-cut Hypalon attachment tabs inside the pack that position your retractors in ideal locations above a nipper station
• Nipper/accessory stations are unique ports where nippers rest when not in use. A stiffened, curved fabric shell provides a high-wear, snag-free, easily accessible home for your nippers, small floatants or other small tools.
• “Blind” hemostat sheaths guide partially opened hemostats to snag-free clip-point and orient and partially “umbrella” hemostat handles to minimize snagging.
• Custom Zero Sweep™ buckles clip underneath flat web loops leaving no exposed edges to catch line.
• Closed-foot zipper sliders on all exposed zippers eliminate line-snags.
• Specially-designed zipper pullers minimizes snags.
• Includes streamlined, integrated external foam fly patch.

Zero Sweep™ Sling Packs
After introducing the Steamboat Sling last year, we haven’t been able to keep them in stock. It is by far the most comfortable and functional sling on the market. We decided not to waste any time and have two more slings to offer, both of which let you have it your way. The new Ambi-Sling ZS and Bandolier ZS allow anglers to wear over either shoulder. The Ambi-Sling ZS is a medium-sized sling which can be configured to wear over either shoulder with the flip of a few straps. The Bandolier ZS is the minimalist’s dream which can be worn over either shoulder with no strap adjustments and can also be worn as a waist pack. All with Zero Sweep™.

Ambi-Sling ZS
Steamboat Sling ZS
Bandolier ZS Sling Pack

Zero Sweep™ Waist Packs
The foundation of our original, award winning line of packs and bags, the Ledges ZS waist packs are built with the only suspended back-panel/frame-sheet support in fly-fishing. The unique back-panel allows the pack to support heavier loads with comfort, breathability and ease of spinning around the waist unique to the Ledges ZS. Quick and easy access to hemostats anytime thanks to our tool sheath has made this a guide favorite. Now with Zero Sweep™.

Zero Sweep™ Chest Packs
Many consider chest packs to be a cheap alternative to a real pack, not Umpqua. We take our chest packs very seriously and believe they are ideal for both entry level and expert fishermen alike. Unlike most chest packs, Umpqua’s have four-point attachment back panels with full shoulder straps for serious support and comfort. They also integrate seamlessly with four different back panel options giving volume options from 200-1300 cubic inches (3-20 liters). Both pack faces also integrate with our Surveyor ZS Backpack. All with Zero Sweep™.

Zero Sweep™ Swiftwater Tech Vest
Fully updated for 2015, no one has seen a vest like this! We broke the mold when conceiving and re-designing this beast-of-burden and are fired up to show this to the fly-fishing community. Neck fatigue and forward creep created by heavy frontal fly box loads are eliminated with a fully cushioned waist belt and shoulder straps. This updated version has two full-length, vertical zippers, accessing both left and right panels allowing access from either top or bottom without risk of losing contents, almost doubling the storage up front. The back is now a full day pack with 800 cubic inches of additional storage. Now with Zero Sweep™.

Zero Sweep™ Surveyor Backpack
Fly-fishing backpacks are usually a compromise because fishing pack companies just don’t make good backpacks. We worked with designers from the outdoor industry to create a backpack that will likely be envied by real backpack companies. The key is the same frame-sheet/suspended back-panel design that helped us transform fishing waist packs with our Ledges series. Connecting the upper back panel to our hip panel allowed us to create a completely supported and extremely breathable back panel. Easily turn the Surveyor ZS into a back-country fishing machine by integrating any of the following packs to the front; Rock Creek ZS Chest Pack, Overlook ZS Chest Pack and Swiftwater ZS Tech Vest. Surveyor ZS comes with two full-length rod holders.

Zero Sweep™ Tailgater Organizer
The Tailgater took the world by storm and hasn’t stopped selling since. No other item in this category has launched with so much excitement, demand and sales and that continues today. A Christmas and Father’s Day top-seller, don’t ever be out of this item. Simply merchandise one tub with the Tailgater ZS, carry a bunch of back-stock, and be prepared to sell a lot of these. And don’t forget to grab one for yourself!

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