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Blue/white, Chartreuse/frog, Pink/white, Tan/white

"I ran into a bit of an issue when my friend Oliver White asked me to whip him up some 6/0 poppers for Oman.

The problem being just that, a 6/0 hook is too heavy for even an XL Double Barrel Popper to keep afloat.

After several days of experimentation, I came up with the fix!

The spun fettuccine foam collar at the rear of the fly was just what the bug needed to regain its buoyancy.

A couple of happy accidents that I hadn’t anticipated were the extra surface drag the multiple strips of foam created.

This really helped the fly from sliding and also produced a coveted bubble trail, which all fish love, including freshwater species like largemouth bass ... and, you don’t need a 6/0 hook to land them!"

- Signature Tyer Drew Chicone

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