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03, 05

"Brian Silvey of Maupin Oregon is a gifted and passionate steelhead angler, fly tier and guide of over 30 years. He’s also my friend.

One September day in 2014 I ran into Brian on the Deschutes River after not seeing him for a long while. We were happy to reconnect and spent a quick half hour with lively fish talk while his clients happily listened.

Before I left Brian handed me a fly and said, “Try it.” I did right away. Within in twenty minutes of Brian handing me the fly I was into a running, jumping steelhead. I somehow lost the fly later in the day and never really committed to memory how it was tied.

What I do remember is that it was a standard steelhead wet fly and that it was simple and super fishy.

I created the Mr. Silvey fly in honor of Brian in hopes of capturing a bit of the fishiness that was in the fly he gave me that day. It has definitely turned out to be a winner! Thanks Brian."


- Signature Tyer Dec Hogan

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