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Ants Beetles Hoppers,
14, 16

"There is no question that the Missing Link has become my favorite dry flies in most trout fishing situations. There is something in its appearance to fish that engenders a sense of confidence that it is food, and safe to eat.

So when I experienced predictable occurrences of the bi-colored flying "honey" ants on rivers fished in the Rockies - and less than predictable hookup results - I decided to integrate the design into a terrestrial pattern.

Wanting to be freed from the limitations of a hook shank on which to create the pattern's body, I tied the ant's rear segment out of a furled hank of dubbing. This extended segment becomes heavy and fleshy in appearance when wet, and even allows for a bit of movement on/in the water when fished.

The forward segment is a simple ball of dubbing tied onto the shank, and as with the naturals I've seen, in a contrasting color to the rear extension.

The rest of the fly is classic Missing Link, with Z-Lon down wings imitating those of a flying ant, and the elk wing and parachute hackle providing the buoyancy needed.

Trout everywhere love flying ants, and a few of these Honeys in the box can save the day when fish suddenly have eyes for nothing else."

- Signature Tyer Mike Mercer


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