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Sally, Stonefly, Caddis,
Hot Green, Hot Yellow, Purple, Red, Tan
16, 18, 14

This series started in a quest for a Yellow Sally, using the ease and familiarity of the Elk Caddis style. But Greg was dissatisfied with all attempts at a red/orange butt (glass beads, floss, dubbing…blah, blah). It was when looking at steelhead flies that he was inspired by the idea of using a HOT "tinsel" tag for the butt. The body became a hot tag and slim thread–tapered abdomen. The addition of micro tubing ensured durability and an enhanced "pop" to the body coloration. There is an added bonus to this fly, something that is true of all of Greg's patterns: they are incredibly "cleanly" designed. Greg always uses just the right amount of material and nothing, ever, to excess. The Mini Hots are no different. They have also been well–tested on the Arkansas, Colorado, and Roaring Fork. A traditional style dry fly with a HOT attractor theme. They are exquisite.



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