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Natural, Purple, Olive, Purple - Pink Bead, Natural - Pink Bead, Pmd, Pink
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While many Perdigons on the market today utilize flashy, synthetic materials to attract fish to these smaller offerings, the Matchstick Quill Jig is Umpqua’s latest take on the genre utilizing stripped peacock quills designed to naturally mimic the various colors and segmented bodies of small mayfly nymphs that can be found throughout trout streams across the globe.

A subtle hot spot located behind the bead will make sure your fly stands out from the crowd in the drift without turning off even the most selective trout. Built on Umpqua’s new Perdi-Jig hook (the XC210BL-BN), this fly features the perfect platform designed specifically for the small profile of Perdigon-style flies with an ideal strength-to-size ratio and plenty of gape even in the smallest sizes.

The Matchstick Quill Jig is available in an array of colors to match the hatch of the day or serve as a searching attractor. No matter where you might be fishing today or in the future, there is a version of the Matchstick Quill Jig up for the task of catching you more fish.


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