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Chartreuse, Olive, Purple

"Lexo’s “mud puppy” had its’ origins as a true “crossover” pattern which could be used effectively when chasing predators in both fresh and saltwater.

The natural mud puppy is a salamander type creature which inhabits both freshwater flowages and lakes. During the spring largemouth bass spawning season, these creatures actively seek out the bass nests to gorge themselves with eggs. The male bass, which guard the nests will not tolerate this activity. Their reaction is to, at best, (that is for the mud puppy) to grab the intruder and carry it away from the nest and drop it at a safe distance. At worst, the males will immediately pick up and swallow this threatening predator.

Conventional tackle fisherman discovered this phenomenon over forty years ago with the introduction of the plastic worm.  Dragging their artificial bait through a bass nest produced one “strike” after another. They upped thir game with the introduction on the plastic lizard which in fact represented a mud puppy.

Lexo’s “mud puppy” is by no means a “one trick pony”; this fly has proven to be a very effective pattern on redfish, especially the larger specimens found on the gulf and atlantic coasts.

Not to be overlooked, this fly has also gained traction as a sculpin imitation and should also be considered as a viable pattern when chasing large trout, especially browns during their fall and winter spawning run."

- Signature Tyer Lex Hochner 

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