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Black, Brown, Sculpin, Sucker, Whitey

“Back in 2012 when I was bartending at the Filling Station of Bozeman, MT I did Sunday night fly tying. Barely anyone ever showed up for that but the regulars, they were drinking booze. In between the drinks I would tie some flies and entertain with my creations. One late night I started messing around with some thick fur and a little material for articulation, a whole Lotta marabou and a couple silly beads, then the dragon was born. The next day it worked. I’ve been using fun beads and other silly things for a while to just see what they would eat and to kinda pimp my ride and make it my own. Marabou to me is the the money in my vault and always seals the deal when it comes to movement underwater. I like having a bulky head up front to make that tail twist and turn and get their attention on the dance floor. Put your time in and The Dragon will bring them out. Tie the Dragon in every color under the sun or just buy the Mighty fine flies that Umpqua ties, in either sizes and you’ll find the one you were looking for, sooner or later."

Chasing the Dragon, 
The serpent eats its own tail.


-       Signature Tyer John Bond

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