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Copper, Gold, Silver
2 X 4

“For as long as I have been tying streamers I have had the most success (with trout) with smaller streamers. The Double Fuego is my favorite articulated streamer to fish and is much smaller when compared to other articulated streamers in most fly shop bins.

 The Double Fuego was created at my bench when I was thinking about how good of a fly Cheech’s Articulated Trout Slider is and I wanted something smaller than that fly but still utilized Metallic Ice Dub which I feel is really what makes the Articulated Trout Slider have such killer action. I added large lead eyes to give the fly more of a jig action and the Bruiser Blend head with a marabou collar push a ton of water for a fly this size.

With the front hook having so much water pushing ability, it makes the 100% synthetic material dressed rear hook shimmy like crazy. This is one of those flies that doesn’t look special until you start to fish it! Give this one a chance (especially the gold!) a chance and I feel it’ll quickly move up your streamer lineup.”


-       Signature Tyer Brandon Mena

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DOUBLE FUEGO gallery image
DOUBLE FUEGO gallery image