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Golden, Peacock, Tan
10, 08

The Double Dutch Bug is the end product of an evolution of fly patterns based off of the Rubber Leg Stimulator. My goal was to create a buoyant, durable, and enticing bug. I wanted something generic enough that it can represent a variety of bugs with one pattern tied in a few sizes and colors. I loved the look and buoyancy factor of some of the patterns tied with multiple layers of foam. By adding two foam layers to the back of the fly, I was able to tie it parachute style, but maintain the buoyancy I wanted. Tying it parachute style helps it sit flush with the water's surface which creates a great profile. Moose became the wing material after attempts with deer and elk. The moose provides a better silhouette, and is much more durable than deer or elk. An extra pair of legs was suggested to me by Umpqua rep. Darin Elmore. These factors all came together when the first Double Dutch Bug fell out of the jaws of my vise. With the Double Dutch in hand, I made an effort to spend more time dry fly fishing, I have fished it on many rivers in Northern California. So far, I've been able to chalk up Rainbow Trout, Brownies, Brookies, Large and Smallmouth Bass, and of course Bluegill to the species caught list. It has produced very well, even on heavily fished waters such as the West Carson River, and Yuba River. Some of my largest dry fly fish this year have been on the Double Dutch. I have even fooled trout in the most fickle of waterways, Hat Creek. Hat is full of notoriously selective fish, and while there, I figured "why not throw a big bug?" It paid off. The Double Dutch Bug belongs in fly boxes because it is a do–everything fly. It can be a hatch specific fly, representing Golden Stones, Skwala Stones, Hoppers, or Beetles. The Peacock version has quickly become my favorite searching pattern. The Double Dutch is the perfect weapon for the hopper–dropper method. With all the foam tied on the hook it can suspend a variety of subsurface bugs. The white parachute and bright orange wing topping make it very easy to spot, even in heavy water. This versatility makes it a necessary weapon in any fly fishers box.

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