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Ants Beetles Hoppers,
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As the East sweeps away the dead bodies and Cicada–phobes can again brave the outdoors, it is the perfect time, while their endless droning song remains fresh in your minds, to introduce…a Cicada. To be accurate, Cicadas are not every 17 years. There are 7 year and 13 year broods. On the Green River, there are smaller cicadas that hatch almost every year. And the canyon breezes blow literally thousands on–stream in May and June. A good Cicada pattern can be important from Maryland to Utah to New Zealand. – Two–tone legs of ginger and black mimic the leg coloration of the Green River Cicada. – Although this pattern has been proven for over ten years, the addition of a Light Brite (or Wing n Flash) underwing was the dazzle that put the exclamation mark to this fly. – White wing for our aging eyes or to see against dark river banks, while the flash pulls the trout from below

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