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Ginger, Natural, Red
18, 20, 22

"The Bubble Gut originally came to me from fishing Colorado tailwaters and especially during the wintertime when fish are extremely selective on midge flies. There’s a lot of midge patterns out there, but there’s not many young, midge pupa patterns.
The name of the fly originated from one of my mentors, Rick Murphy, who created his own fly named Bubble Back. I spent endless hours fishing great waters with him, learning older tying methods, and feasting on fantastic food (and beer) with Rick. These moments resulted in the inspiration for the name of Bubble Gut. Pretty accurate name, right? Rick taught me the beauty of how using natural materials can harness results that synthetics can’t.
The fly is designed to be fished in deep, middle, or in the subsurface column of the water. The Bubble Gut was designed to have a natural tone to it, embracing the natural colors. The polish quill gives the fly a natural segmented body when wet. The bead on the fly is meant to appear to have a natural replica of a midge’s emerging gas bubble. The CDC feather covering the bead and coming off the front of the hook is meant to imitate a midge’s wings.
When fishing in tailwaters, I like fishing the Bubble Gut in small sizes during winter seasons. It can be fished under an indicator rig or dropped off a dry fly. The natural and the red are two of my favorite colors, but I’ve had success with many other colors." - Signature Tyer Scott Voyles 

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