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"Yet another effective variation of the famed Black Beauty. This pattern incorporates a tungsten bead to the already deadly Flashback Black Beauty. As it stands now, I cannot live without the Mercury Flashback Black Beauty. It is one of my go–to midge nymphs, regardless of the season. This tungsten variation obviously sinks fast and works well as a "dropper" in a dry/dropper rig. It is especially effective in skinny water, where conventional nymphing rigs spook trout and typically get hung up. I routinely drop this fly off a heavily hackled Griffith Gnat in the skinny water when a midge hatch is in progress. The Tungsten Flashback Black Beauty fools fish that that are feeding on pupa suspended below the surface. This is a relatively new fly, invented about the same time as the standard flashback black beauty. Don't let that fool you, I have fooled finicky tailwater trout all over the west with this fly. I have many memorable days with this fly on the Big Horn and the San Juan Rivers..." - Signature Tyer Pat Dorsey 

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