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 “The fly is cast directly above the pocket, the rod tip parallel to the water at the finish. As the fly races downstream and through the pocket, the rod tip is kept pointed at the spot where the fly should be. When the fly clears the lower end of the pocket, it is immediately picked up and shot back upstream. The above is repeated ten or fifteen times in rapid succession . . . This type of water should be stone fly water . . . “   

"This is a nymphing technique called the Pot Shooting Method described by Charles E Brooks in his book The Trout and the Stream (1974). Mr. Brooks' description of fishing heavy stone fly nymphs on stout tippets intrigued me from the get go, and was the inspiration of the Tungsten Jigstone. Stone fly imitations work well throughout the Truckee River. The Tungsten Jigstone is heavy, durable and do-able.  A philandering little nymph,  triggering cues of acceptance, exposing flash and displaying class. Euro nymph it. Dead drift it. Fish it under a bobber. Fish it by itself. Fish it with others. Just fish it. It is the spark which ignites the fire of an absolutely well-thought out technique, gifted to us by a great mind of the past. Bless you Mr. Brooks. Behold the mighty Jigstone!" - Signature Tyer Arlo Townsend 


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