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"This small streamer is one of my oldest designs. I honestly have no idea how many thousands of fish have been caught on this pattern.

The BC (Brushy Creek) Streamer was designed to tempt Texas Hill Country bass in ultra-clear water conditions.

This little fly has exceeded my expectations in every way and now I would not be caught fly fishing without it!

Oddly enough, while a bass fly at heart, it has caught plenty of sunfish, bass, trout, and has even been sucked up by a few carp!  Thanks to the jig style hook, tungsten bead, and thin profile, the BC Streamer sinks fast and can be fished deep without snagging often.

This little streamer does a fantastic job of mimicking a wide variety of minnow and shiner species and will likely become a permanent addition in your baitfish box!"

- Signature Tyer Chris Johnson

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