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Stillwater, Trout,
Black/chartreuse, Peacock, Purple

"The Balanced Leather Leech is tied on a traditional balanced fly foundation, a jig hook with an extended tungsten bead on a pin; designed to hang horizontal under an indicator.

What sets the B.L.L. apart from other balanced leeches is the use of ultra-suede as the tail material.

I went to great lengths sourcing the correct ultra-suede in both color and thickness for this pattern.

The ultra-suede does a fantastic job of imitating a real leech with its ultra slim profile, undulating swimming action and natural tapered end.

 The fly is finished off with a slim body of simi seal dubbing which provides just the right amount of flash and movement in the water.

The realistic ultra-suede tail, horizontal presentation and flash all combine for an outstanding stillwater fly."

- Signature Tyer Matt Winkler

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