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Crawfish Orange, Midnight, Olive
04, 08

"Contrary to popular belief, bass can be every bit as selective as trout. 

Most anglers stand a better chance of fooling an educated, tailwater trout than a pressured, clear water bass. Don’t believe me? I can introduce you to a few bass that will make a believer out of you!

After years of trying to persuade my local “PhD Bass” in clear water, I found that my fly box was severely lacking.

I desperately needed a “creature” pattern that had ample movement not only when retrieved but also when at rest!

The Creek Leech was designed to fool the wariest of bass, and the fly has proven itself time and time again – not only for bass but for trout as well! The two-toned zonker “breathes” like natural fur should, and the marabou underwing moves even at rest.

However, what makes this fly irresistible to bass are the rubber legs! The rubber leg material used on the Creek Leech floats and continues to move even while the fly is still! This allows you to swim the fly to a visible fish, kill the retrieve, let it sink to the bottom, and let the fly do the rest!

As far as selective bass are concerned, you have no business fishing a fly if it cannot catch a fish sitting still – the Creek Leech solves this problem with ease and is a must have for finicky fish!"

- Signature Tyer Chris Johnson

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