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Euro nymphing has rapidly become a mainstream angling method over the last few years.

Those of us who have practiced it for a long time certainly are not surprised given its effectiveness in a variety of rivers and water types.

A sub-discipline within Euro nymphing that still has yet to be practiced by a wider group of anglers is fishing streamers on Euro nymphing leaders. Maybe that's because "Euro streamering" doesn't quite have the same roll off the tongue?

Regardless, fishing streamers on Euro nymphing leaders is a technique that my Fly Fishing Team USA mates and I have been practicing for over a decade now.

In certain situations, it has produced some of the most ridiculous catch rates that I have seen when standard nymphing approaches have been slow.

The Backflop Jig is one of my go to streamers for this technique. The squirrel fur produces lifelike movement but it is heavy and streamlined enough to sink quickly to invade a trout's space and produce a response.

You can jig it vertically, pulse it horizontally with the rod tip, or strip it. Try multiple presentations with the Backflop Jig and you will likely find at least one that brings a lot of trout to the net.

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