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Blue, Copper, Gold, Green, Red
14, 16

The above flies were developed for the European Style Nymphing, especially the long line French style which uses flies that are sizes #12 and smaller to fish for spooky trout in shallow water. This effective method has been greatly improved by the use of the jig style nymphs with the hook point riding up when fished to greatly reduce the amount of snags you encounter during the drift. The flies included with this are three proven patterns that I developed to solve a fishing "problem" where I needed a quick and simple pattern(s) to tie that produced fish when the going was tough. The "Devil" jigs were in my box just for that frustrating occasion. The "Red Devil" is a great early and late season fly when attractor patterns work best and the "Copper Devil" is just an all–round go getter on any river I have fished it on, especially the Roaring Fork, Arkansas, Blue and South Platte

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