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Ants Beetles Hoppers, Stonefly,
06, 08, 10

“I have to admit that I was pretty flattered back in 1998 when John Barr asked me to help him work on a new pattern he had been having trouble with. 

This was early on the Hopper Copper Dropper days and John was trying to develop an ultra-buoyant and visible indicator fly.  He had some pretty rough prototypes that had a wrapped yarn body that just wasn’t cutting it.  He asked if I could play around with it a bit and see if I could incorporate foam body like I had used on my Charlie Boy Hopper. 

 I went home and confidently went to work on the fly...for about fifty hours.  

 What seemed like would be an easy add-on became a complete redesign of the fly, incorporating the foam body, a robust bullet head, elk hair and flash wing, knotted legs and an indicator on top.

 I fought with one aspect or another of this damn thing for what seemed like forever until it came to me one night lying in bed.  The next day I got up and twisted up the final version in a fury.

 John and I then proceeded to test the fly all over the state and found that it really did exactly what we wanted it to do.

 As a funny aside, I had tied one of the early versions with a polypro macramé yarn wing, way back before the Chubby et al, but we both decided that it was just a little too dirty to put our names on...my how times have changed!”

- Signature Tyer Charlie Craven

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